Guiding journalists in Tournus

Guiding journalists in Tournus

©photo Lex van den Bosch

A while ago, the Tourist Office of Tournus asked me to accompany a group of Dutch cycling journalists during their visit to Tournus. One of them, Lex van den Bosch, later sent me some contact sheets of the photos he took.  This showed once again how beautiful our region really is.

We had a lot of fun together. I was a bit nervous because I am not very proficient in the history and details of, for example, our medieval abbey. But the broad historical outlines turned out to be interesting enough for this group. They mainly wanted to hear stories, which is logical for travel journalists. They also wanted to see original sites and shoot beautiful pictures. As far as stories are concerned, I’m the go-to guy, because what I lack in depth, I easily make up for with anecdotal material. There’s a lot to tell about life in Tournus, now and in the past, about the recent political battle against big business, about wine making and our micro-brewery. We also made a quick tour through the Musée Greuze annex hospice de Tournus and extensively visited the bicycle museum.

Private guide in Southern Burgundy

The experience with this group has strengthened my conviction that I like being a tour guide. My job as a copywriter keeps me at  the computer for days, so it’s nice to go out every now and then and have fun with a group of tourists. And by ‘having fun’ I literally mean that. Most foreigners come to France for a relaxing vacation. And even if you book an excursion with a guide, you want to be entertained. Of course it can be instructive, but you are also looking for unique experiences. Like a visit to the mysterious crypt of the abbey. A bike ride with wonderful views. Or a meal that makes your papillae bounce for joy.

Book a guide in Burgundy

In short, I am available as a guide for foreign visitors. In Dutch or in English. If you want to book an excursion, I will be happy to make you a proposal, adapted to your wishes. I work closely with Go Côté Saône, a company that can arrange transport as well as guides (they have their own van with room for 8 people) and can book hotels and restaurants.

Tailor-made Burgundy excursion

What do you like? Would you like to visit Romanesque churches or climb among the treetops? Do you want to do a tasting at an authentic wine castle or descend into a cave system? Canoeing, cycling with regular bikes or mountain bikes (electric or otherwise). Discover the medieval city and the thousand-year-old abbey or enjoy a delicious meal at a Michelin star restaurant? If you can tell me what peaks your fancy, I’ll adjust the program accordingly.

How much does an excursion with a Dutch guide in Burgundy cost?

The price of a guided tour in Southern Burgundy depends on different variables. The size of the group, the program, the distances and of course the duration. Anyhow… questions are free. Let me make you a no-obligation proposal, so you’ll soon know where you stand. Go to the contact page and mail or call me.

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