We are doing our damnest to create interesting trips for our English-speaking visitors. This also means we try to organize activities that you would not easily think of yourself. Or that – as a visitor from abroad – you won’t even be able to organize yourself because you need a local network. Unique experiences, often with direct contact with our friends, neighbors and partners. Ordinary people, who like to show you their work, their home and their company, and tell you about their life. for a maximum dose of ‘couleur locale’. Does the level of your French preclude a fluent conversation? Our experienced guides will be happy to translate for you. This way, not being francophone doesn’t in the least hamper warm contacts with the French.

We have a variety of excursions with themes like:

Sportive – activities that will inevitably make you perspire. Discover the French countryside, nature and culture by bicycle or on foot.
Experience – excursions that will bring you into contact with the unknown side of life in France.
Culture – An excursion adapted to your personal special interests. Romanesque churches, religious, classic or modern art, historic or prehistoric sites, even geology or ornithology. Tell us what you want and we’ll rustle up an expert!

What does an excursion in Southern-Burgundy cost?

For an indication of what a trip with Southern-Burgundy.com will cost, see our tariffs.